Why Us?

Premier Staffing

Trained Physicians

We only employ ER residency trained physicians, which reduces door to doctor time by an average of 35 minutes


Our leadership works clinical shifts in the ER and directly with hospital administration

No Corporate red tape

or lag time – our specialized and focused team are able to adapt and implement to your specific needs immediately

Data Driven

We focus on improving metrics that tangibly improve the patient care and experience

Access to candidates

Access to candidates others can’t reach: Being physicians, we have close relationships with many young ER trained physicians with up-to-date clinical practices

Typical Medical Staffing

No ER Training

Employs non emergency trained physicians, which leads to increased wait times

Unspecialized Staff

Unspecialized staff without any medical background,  from out-of-state corporations interact with hospital administration

Red Tape

Large companies filled with bureaucracy  which makes the implementation of changes more difficult

No Drive

Hires random staff with low desire to change practice methods for needs of hospital and community

Any Warm Body Will Do

Only interested in filling shifts, cold calls random physicians, and will staff with anyone with a medical license

Who We Are:
A physician-owned company that originated and is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The owners are ER physicians who completed their residency at OSU in Tulsa.

What We Do:
Provide ER Physicians and Hospitalists in McAlester, Elk City and Cleveland, Oklahoma.

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